Pre-Owned Cars

In today's economy, people are keeping their vehicles longer. This means that there are not many quality pre-owned cars available. At Gary Rondeau's Automotive, we sell select pre-owned Volvos. Most of the Volvos we sell are our customer's cars that we have serviced and maintained, many times for the entire life of the vehicle. This means that we have a complete vehicle history, giving you peace of mind you would not receive at other automotive dealerships.

We want to help our customers find safe, reliable, quality pre-owned Volvos. We care about each of our Volvos and make sure that they are in top shape before presenting them to you, our customer. Each vehicle gets a thorough inspection, from the lights on the dashboard to any squeak and rattle we may hear. We fix our pre-owned Volvos so that when you drive away, you are leaving with a guaranteed vehicle. All Volvos sold at Gary Rondeau's Automotive come with a warranty.

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